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(Currently Out Of Production 

 Vintage Series Amplifiers 

Now for the first time in thirty years Bedini has built two new "class A" amplifier models in mono configurations.   Whether your choice is solid state or tubes, these are two remarkable amplifier models.  Built for their sonic superiority these mono amplifiers are the very best way to amplify your music and experience the true dynamics as only mono's can produce .  Bedini can now offer their matched pairs in mono's for less than the cost of most conventional stereo amplifiers on the market.

    Vintage Series Model 10

  Classic 10 Watt Mono Tubes

Model:  Classic 10 watt mono class "A" tube design amplifier

If you are a tube lover than this is the ultimate in sonic perfection. Based upon traditional tube concepts from music's Golden Age in the 1940's and 50's. Tube audio amplifiers have long been recognized by the audio community as providing significantly better sonic ability than solid state transistor-based designs. Unfortunately, well designed vacuum tube products are much more expensive to produce than their solid state counterparts. As a result, this superior technology has only been available to a small but fortunate group of audio enthusiasts.

Our amplifier designs combine the finest in tube-circuit topology with meticulously engineered circuit layout to achieve superior performance. Only the highest quality components are incorporated into our designs. The aluminum chassis are powder coated to resist scratching and corrosion while retaining the original 50's style look. We have added matched KT 88's output tubes , ultra-wide bandwidth output transformer, massive high storage power supply, both 4 and 8 ohm output taps provided, heavy-duty gold plated RCA inputs, heavy-duty gold plated binding posts, heavy (2 ounce) copper circuit board and all  precision components.

The new Bedini Vintage Classic  Series Model 10 watt mono class "A" tube amplifier offers the audio enthusiast outstanding value with performance that rivals the very best amplifiers at any price. This 10 watt amplifier can play "very" loud on efficient speakers while keeping its dynamics in total balance.    For audiophiles who seek the ultimate in amplifier design and are realistic about their budget, the Vintage Classic Series Model 10 gives you the features, precision and performance your looking for in a tube amplifier.




Dimensions                                 H 10" x W. 8" x D 8"
Approx. Weight                           26 LBS.
Five Way Gold Binding Posts
Gold Input RCA Jack


Bedini is currently taking pre-orders on the new KT88 Vintage Model 10's, email for more information and pricing.


Vintage Series 100's

Solid State Classic matched pair 100 watt Dual Mono's

Bedini has now made it affordable to own a state of the art matched pair of Classic 100 watt Dual Mono amplifiers.     Thirty years of solid state engineering has led to the introduction of the "Vintage" Series pure Class "A" power amplifiers. Bedini is proud to offer the Audiophile the most current technology available, the addition of the two new  line of amplifiers, taken from our classic designs to bring you the ultimate in sonic achievement in solid state and  amplifiers.  The classic 50's look is now integrated into a state of the art design sure to please even the most demanding listener.  Bedini utilizes a unique biasing technique to maintain Class "A" operation even with the most difficult loudspeaker loads.  The net result is superior extension at both upper and lower frequency ranges with high levels of accuracy and clarity.

The "Vintage" series  Class "A" solid state design in dual mono's brings the power where it is needed, at the speaker. It is stable down to 2 ohms at 300 watts. Unlike most stereo   amplifiers on the market, this amplifiers massive power supply is dedicated to one channel of operation. We have coupled 32,000 mf of filter capacitance to this,  providing a seamless amount of power flow to the output stages, providing improved dynamics at low volume levels.  Military grade glass epoxy circuit boards and the highest quality components are used to ensure exceptional sonic accuracy and reliability during sustained operation.  A master gain control has been added on the the front of the amplifier allowing you to adjust any input source.

Classic 100 Vintage Mono Block


Power Output 20 to 20 Khz                            @ 8 OHMS 100 W/RMS
Dynamic Headroom                                       1.5 DB
T.H.D. (8 ohms 20-20Khz)                                Less Than .25%
M. (8 ohms Rated Power 60 hz: 7 Khz 4:1       Less Than .1%
Power Bandwidth (at 1 watt)                          20 to 20 Hkz
Signal To Noise Ratio                                    95 DB
Input Sensitivity / Impedance                        1.5 volts / 60hz
Damping Factor (20 to 20Knz)                        500 MIN.
Slew Rate                                                      45 v/u Sec
Power Supply                                                250 Watts
Power Supply Filter Capacitance                  32,000 UF
Power Requirements                                     120VAC  60 hz or 220 VDC 50 hz
Power Consumption                                       275 Watts
Dimensions                                                    H 10" x W. 8" x D 8"
Approx. Weight                                              26 LBS.
Five Way Gold Binding Posts
Gold Input RCA Jack

It is well know that superior sonic quality is achieved when amplifiers are used in mono configurations. To date it has been extremely expensive to upgrade your system to this state. Bedini's relentless pursuit to improve its amplifiers performance has lead to innovations in design, now for the standard price of a good stereo solid state amplifier, you can now own a matched pair of the Vintage Series Classic 100 mono amplifiers.  If you have never experienced the total dynamics of mono's in your present system, Bedini has now made it very affordable to upgrade.     


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